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Tea Lake Damn, Algonquin Park - October 5, 2020

The Theory of Everything - inspired by Robert Lanza

Tom Thomson - A Year in Algonquin Park - password = canoe

1. The Moon is Full of Roses

2. Forever and the Earth

Undercurrents- a time lag accumulation experiment - with cellist  Anne Bourne

A Brief History of Evergreen Brick Works

Noctua - a virtual journey through the forest

Georgian Bay shoreline as night falls

Hopi edlder delivers an ancient prophecy for America

Re-imagine Tom Thomson - Algonquin Lakes

Forest audio visual journey - Tim Clément with Wally Jericho, trumpet

One More Colour - from the Atom Egoyan film, The Sweet Hereafter

Cootes Paradise - with early music by Danna & Clément

Ambient music video portrays the grandeur of the Earth

Reverie for Canada

-an audio/visual journey celebrating Canada's sesquicentennial year, 2017.

Laniakea - the galaxy super-cluster, home of the Milky Way

Wheels Within Wheels - a mystical audio visual journey

Waterscapes - slow motion water flow in high definition

Sunrise over Lake Ontario with early music by Danna & Clément

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