Tim Clément began composing music in the 1970s believing that the music with which we surround ourselves acts as a conditioning agent having profound effects on our physical, emotional and spiritual lives. This conviction arose from his youth spent in northern Québec where Tim, a Métis citizen (Anishinaabe Algonquin tribe), was deeply affected and inspired by the solitude and grandeur of the wilderness.

Clément’s early experiments using minimalist techniques combined with field recordings attracted forward-thinking record companies culminating in the release of numerous albums. These include five albums recorded in collaboration with Mychael Danna at Tim’s log cabin studio near the southern border of Algonquin Park, then mixed at Mychael’s studio in Toronto from 1982 to 1995. Clément’s solo releases include Waterstation (1989) and Wolfsong Night (1992).

Clément’s body of work also includes scoring for film, television documentaries, dance, theatre and sound installations. Tim’s work often incorporates indigenous and exotic instrumentation from the vast spectrum of global aboriginal and sacred music cultures.

Feature documentary scores include: Return to Kandahar (2003), Hitman Hart (1998) and the mini-series Machine Gun (2000) for the Discovery Channel. Tim has also contributed to Atom Egoyan’s award winning films: The Sweet Hereafter (2004), Exotica (1997) and The Adjuster (1991). Clément scored three dance/theatre soundtracks for Québec’s Carbone 14, including L’Hiver - winner of the Dora Mavor Moore Award for outstanding musical direction in 1997.

In 1990 Tim procured a residency as staff composer for Toronto’s McLaughlin Planetarium (1990-1995) where he scored music for public star shows and astronomy exhibits. It was here that he first explored composing spatial music and 360° surround soundscapes. New innovations in immersive audio technology allows Clément to create evocative sonic experiences. Ambisonics and binaural sound augment the perception of size, space and distance, thereby enhancing the perception of motion that glues a visual scene together.

More recently in 2019, Clément released two albums: Terra Divina with Ben Watson (D1V1N1T1) and Dark Night On The Black Dog Highway with fellow artist/composer Lance Austin Olsen, which rated 9th on Five Against Four’s Best Abums, 2019 Edition.

Tim Clément is considered one of the most original and innovative voices in contemporary music. Currently, Tim resides in Toronto, and is composing new music with Mychael Danna - Oscar and Golden Globe winner for Life of Pi (2013), which is slated for release in late 2020.






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